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Dear Celine and Fellow Homeopathy practitioners,

Thank You for your attention and kind telephone Call...
- it was so nice so being able to see some feedback from the Health Inn show...

Unfortunately our Theme today was Epilepsy, Seizures & Convulsions:

As Promised, during the Health Inn show, here goes the HEART FORMULA, so you please talk over with Your Homeopath prior to start taking the Homeopathy Medication, Okay...

With such Formula, we have a great success for people who uses Heart pacers, some other who has congestive heart failure, some adds shortness of breath, edema in the lower extremities, other has arrhythmias.

We aso use this specific Formula equal to angina pectoris Clients, radiating chest pain, coronary artery disease, disturbances in the normal heartbeat, or in conjunction with other heart problems, as infarction affecting the area of the heart that controls the heartbeat.

Kindly discuss this - Heart Formula - with Your Homepath:
Arnica mont 5CH
Crataegus 5CH
Cactus grandiflorius 5CH
Valeriana 5CH
Ceréus brasiliensis 5CH
Grindelia 3CH - ãã : 60 ml

Take 05 drops under tongue three times a day: morning at about 8 a.m.; afternoon at 2p.m.; night at about 8 p.m..

Continuous usage for a period from not less than 8 months up to 2 years.

In case of Crises, intensify usage every twenty minutes, five drops under tongue. When feeling better, decrease dosage to every hour; to every two hours; every three hours.... until you get back to the inicial dosage: five drops every six hours.


Your Homeopath will be explaining for you every component of such successful Homeopathic Formula.

many Blessings your way and good Health !,



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